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What is Haven?

Haven helps freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies find inspiring workspaces in surprising places. We partner with restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces, upgrade their wifi, and open their doors to our community to create dedicated spaces. We encourage community members to host events, share ideas, and work together.


Focused, Fabulous, Workspace

Haven turns beautiful restaurants into inspiring workspaces

Fast Wifi

Don’t you hate paying for a coffee only to find out their Wifi is unreliable.

Power Bars

Places charging your devices should be a right, am I right?


Inspiring, Reliable, Workspace.

Multiple spaces to focus, recharge, and be productive


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$20/ Additional Passes
Invitations to Events

We get it – commitment is scary

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Member Pricing on Events
$10/Additional Passes

Gotta be starting something

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They lovin’ the crew

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  • jayemkayem
    — Josephine Cruz, HYPEBEAST
    As a freelance writer/editor and DJ, my schedule is all over the place. Working for yourself can be lonely, but I know I’ll always see a familiar face when I drop“ into a Haven.
  • joe
    — Joseph, Bayer
    As a marketing manager who spends a lot of time working remotely, having multiple spaces in the downtown core saves me from the reverse commute and provides space to work and meet.
  • riley
    — Riley, Kahn Academy
    I’m a remote worker by choice; I like the flexibility it affords me. Haven gives me the community and comfort of a fixed workspace, and lets me move around whenever I want.

Join our Community

Whether you just want to drop by for a day, or you plan on becoming a regular, we would love to meet you and hear about how we can help you with what you are working on